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We are a collection of 4 businesses in beautiful Sonoma, California offering craft supplies, jewelry, handcrafted gifts, and vintage collectables. We sell everything from ribbons to packaging materials, from jewelry to handmade gifts and items over 25 years or more. Items are shipped every Monday, so you never have to guess when your items will arrive. Our co-owner, Jennifer K. O’Hara, is a former Operations Manager of a large yarn wholesale distributor. In February of 2006, she developed a rare brain disease called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, IIH, which causes long term blindness throughout the day as well as many other horrible symptoms. It never stops her from having a positive outlook. She is well trained in using the computer with or without eyesight. The other co-owner, Brendan O’Hara, her husband, helps in many facets of the businesses. She also has a helper who does the entire order fulfillment for her. These are all strong businesses run by a strong blind woman. Thank you for supporting the blind. The owner of our shop is great with communication, and her brain disease has not stopped her from living and continuing her dreams. She loves to make others happy and stays busy with four different businesses. Each business is unique and focused on special niche markets.

First we have Mrs Supply on Etsy that sells ribbons, packaging materials, shipping supplies, and many other supplies. Mrs Supply can special order just about anything you are looking for depending on the quantity you need and the time frame you need it. Just simply ask.

Jewels So Sweet is a very affordable online jewelry company. We sell every kind of jewel for all ages and men and women alike. We sell very chic jewelry that is sure to meet your needs for gift giving or treating yourself. It is worth your time to take a peek on Bonanza.

We also have a great little shop called Daintie Designs. It is full of handmade goodies and gifts. We sell handmade greeting cards, hair accessories, gift tags, and other handmade items. They are sure to make giving joyful. We have this shop on Etsy and it’s a great place to shop.

Our final shop is full of vintage collectables that are 25 years old or more. We sell toys, linens, jewelry, pottery, keepsakes, and more. Vintage Way is on Etsy and is easy to access. There are many collectables listed. We enjoy adding new items often.

We have been in business since 2008. We are dedicated to customer service and making our customers happy. We love to hear from you. If we can help in any way for any reason, simply contact us. If there is something you are on the hunt for, maybe we can help. We appreciate your time for we know how precious time is for each of us.

You can learn more about us on each of our sites by looking at our information and policies.

Contact our gift shop to help you find the right craft supplies for your creative project.

Shop with Mrs Supply | Browse our jewelry on Bonanza or Poshnook at Jewels So Sweet
Look for Unique Vintage Items at Vintage Way | Discover Our Handmade Cards on Daintie Designs